Movement Review


Kat worked with the New Economy Organisers Network (formerly part of the New Economics Foundation) and Compass to co-design and develop a review of social movements in the UK. Her work was focused on mapping movement groups and organisations, listening to their concerns, challenges and aspirations, and refining recommendations for programmes of work that would strengthen the movement ecology.

The Movement Review outlined five major areas of work for social movements in the UK: Strategy; Capacity Building; Community; Power and Privilege and Joint Action.  

"Kat brought insight, positivity and emotional intelligence to this project. I'd have her on my team every day of the week." – Joe Cox, Political Campaigner

Green and Black


The Green and Black Ambassadors Project was a collaboration between Ujima Radio, Bristol Green Capital Partnership and the Cabot Institute that sought to address the exclusion of Black and Minority Ethnic people from Bristol’s sustainability efforts. The project approached this challenge through conducting community action research to explore why exclusion exists; collating case studies to learn the lessons from local inclusive green initiatives; creating media and monthly radio shows to share learning; developing the leadership of young people of colour in the sustainability sector; whilst advocating for ‘disruptive constructive challenge’ to promote engagement with more diverse communities across the city.


Kat brokered the collaboration through a desire to initiate a project that would tackle both social and environmental injustice in the city. Bringing together partners for facilitated discussions, supporting ideas to emerge and developing project plans, she played a key role in getting this project off the ground.


"Kat gave the green and black ambassadors initiative the space to reflect on how we really wanted to engage with communities in a practical way. She helped us to come up with our initial vision from the very start and guided us through the process making sure that we all had a chance to have input. I really enjoyed working with her.’ Jasmine Ketibuah-Foley

Check out the final report

Organising for Change


Organising for Change is a training collective that seeks to build transformative cultures, share organising tools, and manage the transition from traditional campaigning to organising approaches. Kat brings expertise in training and facilitation to the team, working alongside Tatiana Garavito – organiser extraordinaire, and Natasha Adams – strategy specialist. So far, the team have delivered three weekend long training programmes, training over 75 organisers.


"The weekend training was an essential introduction to the organising approach. But more than that, it provided a wonderful space for those practicing, or seeking to practice, this approach to share their learning, concerns, reflections and plans. The content was crowdsourced from all of us as participants and facilitators, and for this reason it proved uniquely helpful, and will definitely support us in transforming our campaigns and winning!” – OFC Participant

For more information about Organising for Change check out Tasha’s blog

Skilling Up for a New Economy


Kat worked with Quaker Peace and Social Witness to develop a training programme from scratch to support a community of new economy practitioners and campaigners. She project managed the delivery of the weekend training and contributed to the design and delivery of the programme. Since running this training, participants have gone on to build some exciting and powerful campaigns and projects.

“Kat is a generous and thoughtful facilitator and trainer, as well as an excellent organiser. Kat is a gift to any training team, will provide sound judgement on design and delivery, and ensure everyone feels heard throughout the process. She was a real asset and we couldn’t have completed the project without her.” – Guppi Bola

For more information about this training check out my blog:

Campaign Organisers Training Programme


Kat co-facilitated a training programme with HOPE not Hate and Friends of the Earth, looking at the principles of organising and campaigning integrating, what are sometimes challenging concepts such as privilege, oppression, and how to create inclusive spaces. Kat was brought into the team to offer expertise on facilitation and training methodology.


Testimonial: “I had an amazing time working with Kat.  She brought a huge amount to our training programme – experience, insight, and great facilitation skills.  Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, but she was able to adapt to the needs of the room effortlessly, creating a really positive atmosphere.  She was an absolute pleasure to have on our team, and I very much look forward to working with her again in the future!”  - Phil Burroughs, Friends of the Earth


“Kat is a remarkable person to work with, extremely knowledgeable and charismatic, and therefore a great facilitator and colleague. Kat’s facilitation style allows people to learn and grow. She nurtures spaces where relationships can flourish. I would really recommend working with Kat.” – Tatiana Garavito, Hope Not Hate 

Skills Network


Kat worked with Skills Network to develop and run two workshops on new economics: the first about neoliberalism and the second on the importance of language in framing the welfare debate. Kat spent a lot of time working with participants to absorb complex socio-political and economic ideas and use them as a basis to think about the issues that were arising in their research about the job centre and in-work poverty.  


"Kat was an absolute pleasure to work with.  She really took into account what we said was relevant for us and our group’s needs when planning the workshops. Not easy given the diverse range of people in the group and wide range of knowledge about the issues and differing literacy levels. Kat is a brilliant facilitator, able to totally handle a chaotic space, with small children running around and crying and people going in and out of the room.  She somehow still managed to keep everyone engaged and get through the whole workshop – more than we are often able to do, even though we are used to that environment! In short, Kat’s brilliant and I would ask her to work with us again in a second!" – Kiran Nihalani

People and Planet: 

Regional Organisers Training


Kat worked with People and Planet to deliver their annual regional organiser training programme working alongside student leaders and P+P staff to skill up campaigners and organisers across the country. She led the design of the sessions on power and privilege and invited organisers to reflect on how social change happens, who gets involved, who doesn’t and why.


"Working with Kat to deliver training was a seamless, empowering and enjoyable experience. Kat is a talented facilitator, who uses a range of techniques to produce deeply participatory training and workshops, drawing experience, knowledge and ideas from the room, ensuring mutual learning is embedded throughout. Her commitment to principles of collective liberation is evidenced, not only in the way in which she delivers training, but also in reshaping content to ensure access of all participants. Kat is a perfect person to work with to empower and inspire people in taking action for social change, as well as to equip them with the skills to empower others." – Chris Jarvis


Check out the website to find out more about becoming a regional organiser with People and Planet: 

Bristol NEON


Kat worked with the New Economy Organisers Network to build the first local branch of NEON in the UK. She mapped social movements in Bristol, reached out and listened to the challenges and aspirations of organisers and activists across the city, conducting a local movement review, and developed and organising team that sought to build the strength of movements for social and economic justice. She focused on designing and developing a 6-month economics course for activists, the creation of monthly socials for people across movements to get together, and the organisation of skill shares to strengthen the capacity of organisers in Bristol.  

Testimonial “Kat is a creative and conscientious organiser. Her keen sense of injustice is matched with a practical and thorough commitment to organising. She combines her ethical and democratic approach with a focus on empowering people and building strong and effective teams. Working alongside Kat to support the creation and development of Bristol NEON has been a pleasure because of her fierce commitment to the work and an attention to detail. She does all of that and is still fun to be around, too.” – George Woods


For more information about what happened in Bristol NEON check out the report: 

Bristol Community

Land Trust


In response to a number of challenges that had emerged on a local housing project development, Kat designed and facilitated session for staff and volunteer members to improve communication and decision-making processes. Prior to the workshop Kat spent time speaking to different members to understand the problems that were faced. The workshop ended with a renewed sense of collaboration and the project was able to move forward.    


“The workshop was well organised and facilitated, Kat was extremely responsive to the all the different social dynamics within the group and found a good balance between being there to guide the activities and enabling us to feel in control.” – Emma Griffin

Campaign Together


Kat was invited to become the South West Regional Organiser for Campaign Together during the 2017 General Election. Her work was focused on building a network of leaders to mobilise as many people as possible from across progressive political parties and none to get out and knock on doors in support whichever progressive candidate would defeat the Tories. She focused on developing the leadership capacity of those on the ground in marginal constituencies to engage and empower people who had never been involved in campaigns before.


“I worked with Kat on a national organising campaign around the General Election 2017 which trained and organised 2000 canvassers to get out the vote for progressive MP candidates in marginal seats. Kat was an expert organiser, supporting leaders, training newcomers, and producing the most successful region across the country by far. She was a superb organiser, a hugely supportive trainer - she knows how to bring new people on board and how to get them active and happy - but also an excellent strategist and leader.” Jim Cranshaw, of the Campaign Together Steering Committee

Movement Builders


NEON’s Movement Builders programme is a five-day intensive training for people working towards big systemic change. The course focuses on assessing the current state of social movements, followed by capacity building in strategy, story and structure. Kat joined the facilitation team for this training in Cardiff, supporting the group to participate and get the most out of the programme.


"Kat showed immense amounts of movement generosity by volunteering 5 days of her time to work with us as a facilitator on NEON Movement Builders, in Cardiff. Kat is a kind and caring facilitator who made sure participants got the maximum out of the training.“  Charlotte Millar, Head of Training, NEON